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OBM BICYCLE The layer-up of each carbon rim is carefully designed, repeated tests and then determine final standards document. After that,we’ll send it to our layer up workers, who operate according to the operating standards. They cut the size of the material according to the layer- up instructions to produce materials for any part that can be used to increase the strength of the side part of the wheel set, to fit the grooves of the rims, to enhance the impact resistance of the wheels.

Excellence In Carbon Frame

Check the flatness on the platform, fixed frame BB, with false hub fixed frame after claw, simulation wheel assembly on the frame. images fix frame on the platform checked whether the left and right sides of the rear seat stay and chain stay are parallel. If OK, turn to the next process. Otherwise, return to repair.

Inspect the right side frame on the platform with precision height gauges, and adjust the height data to the center of the frame BB and return to zero.